Journalism Scholarships

Journalism Scholarships

Broadening horizons and promoting quality journalism - the trialogue scholarship transcends borders.

The Middle East conflict, the history of divided Germany, the experiences of their grandparents’ generation under the Third Reich and the international horizons of young people in a global world today – when up-and-coming media professionals from Germany, Israel and Palestine encounter each other, they are connected by both their professional interests and their personal experiences. The Scholarship Programme is designed to help the participants see issues from different perspectives and create an environment in which dialogue can take place. At the same time, it is intended to qualify young people for jobs in journalism and allow them to gain work experience in a foreign-language environment.

Every year, gifted young journalists from Israel and the Palestinian Territories are given the opportunity to spend six months in Germany, getting to know its language, culture and politics, and doing placements with media outlets. In parallel, young journalists from Germany travel to the Middle East for six months. They study Hebrew or Arabic at the Hebrew University, and work at news organisations in Israel and Palestine.

In the more than ten years of its existence, the Programme has funded over 100 Scholarship-holders. Following their participation in the Programme, numerous alumni have become foreign correspondents for prestigious newspapers, magazines and broadcasters, reporting from the regions they visited.

The Foundation organises regular alumni meetings in the participating countries in order to encourage permanent dialogue among its Scholarship-holders.

Participants and alumni keep in touch in a facebook group for trialogue fellows facebook group.

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Trialogue-Scholarships Trialogue-Scholarships - young journalists from Germany in Israel


Trialogue-Scholarships - young journalists from Germany in Israel

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